FM22 beta

FM22 Beta Available Now

It’s here! Football Manager 2022 Beta (PC/Mac) has been released on both the Steam and Epic Games Stores. I bought mine for £27.72 instantly delivered from Once the beta is released it’ll be £29.99 which is still the lowest price I could find online. To see these best prices while they are still available […]

FPL GW8 Reaction

With one game left I thought I’d share my thoughts on Fantasy Premier League GW8 so far, from the perspective of my team that couldn’t raise 11 players on the day! Here’s the link to my Facebook FPL page and the post. I share some extended thoughts on the continued presence of Antonio in […]

Storm Recovery

Settlers Online: “Storm Recovery” Walkthru

Storm Recovery is a vexatious little adventure that catches out even experienced players of Settlers Online. So much so that many players avoid it and yet it is one of the four games regularly required to be completed by the Weekly Challenges. In truth the solution is simple, you follow the steps one by one, […]