Settlers Online: Ali Baba The Young Woodcutter, Adventure Walkthrough

We’ve uploaded our second video playthrough of a Settlers Online adventure. We streamed this live on our channel and now the recording is available on Youtube. Here’s the link to our bespoke solution to Ali Baba The Young Woodcutter. Through the video you’ll discover the troops sent and see the plan unfold. Here is […]

Settlers Online: Walkthrough of Hansel & Gretel Venture

Today we’ve posted our first complete Settlers Online video adventure walkthrough – of Fairytale venture Hansel & Gretel with commentary and explanations. Hansel & Gretel is a level 11 adventure. It’s the second in the Fairytale series following the Fisherman & His Wife venture. Among the reward for completing it is the third adventure in […]

Our Map of Young Woodcutter Island

Here’s a map we created for planning our solutions to the Young Woodcutter adventure in Settlers Online. By using a universal map it ensures all our solutions to YWC are interchangeable at a camp level. SA1-SA5 green shading = Staging Areas – where you mass your generals for the next round of attacks L1-L6 Red […]