FM22 beta

FM22 Beta Available Now

It’s here! Football Manager 2022 Beta (PC/Mac) has been released on both the Steam and Epic Games Stores.

FM price

I bought mine for £27.72 instantly delivered from

Once the beta is released it’ll be £29.99 which is still the lowest price I could find online. To see these best prices while they are still available be sure to follow our Twitter account where we post great deals that we find when looking for games and accessories for our own use.

FM22 Beta is now fully playable (some peripheral exceptions – see foot of article) for purchasers from a SEGA-approved digital retailer (just like my link above).

So for a lucky few purchasers, we can make an early start on our next football managerial career or choose to play against friends in the Online Career or Fantasy Draft modes. (There is cross-compatibility between Steam and Epic purchases, so don’t worry if your friends didn’t see my link above and paid more for it than you elsewhere!)

If like me you have always been wary of betas don’t fret, you can save your beta Career Mode game and resume it when the full RC is released on 9th November 2021. Of course, it IS a Beta so there will be some minor bugs that will be eradicated before the RC version is finalised. In fact, you can help squash some of the bugs if you encounter them using the Report Bug button located on the game sidebar.

* The Store, Steam Workshop and both the Pre and In-Game Editor are not available in the Beta.

How to buy from Steam at the best discount

(At this point you should have already launched the Steam client software and logged into your Steam account or create a new, free Steam account. Then click on the “Games Menu” and then choose “Activate a Product on Steam“).

Next, if you buy from my link then you will be taken from their checkout screen straight to a page for you to see your Steam game key and a link to click on and instantly redeem your Steam key.

So, just click on the link and you’ll be taken straight to the Steam “Activate a Product on Steam” with the key pre-filled out. Just tick the “accept Steam’s T&C” checkbox and then click a button and FM22 will be added to your Steam library. It’s that easy. You’re ready to rock n roll!

Final Word

I hope you get hundreds of hours of pleasure from Football Manager 22.

I played my first football manager game on the ZX81 back in 1982. It was called “Football Manager” too. I fell in love with computer strategy games from that moment and have played them for thousands of hours. I think they represent the best value in computer gaming today.

So off you go, your players need you, the Chairman wants a quiet word before you face the press over your 9-0 pre-season mauling at the hands of Tiptree Wanderers.

Oh, the joys of management!