Our Map of Young Woodcutter Island

Here’s a map we created for planning our solutions to the Young Woodcutter adventure in Settlers Online.

By using a universal map it ensures all our solutions to YWC are interchangeable at a camp level.

  • SA1-SA5 green shading = Staging Areas – where you mass your generals for the next round of attacks
  • L1-L6 Red Camps = Leader camps, until these are destroyed you can’t move your generals to the next Staging Area. E.g. kill L1 before you can move to SA2.
  • C1-C23 camps = kill these in numerical order
  • Yellow Numbers = optional camps, you can achieve victory without killing these camps (but your total XP will be less)
  • White Numbers = these camps must be killed to achieve victory. Either attack directly (best for XP) or block them and try to kill the owning Red Leader Camp. When the Red Leader camp is destroyed all of his subsidiary camps will disappear. (You will still get XP for these subsidiary camps but you will not get the extra bonus XP that killing the camps directly with Mary Christmas (+100%), Boris, Sylvana (+50%) or Tremble (+200%) gives you).