Storm Recovery

Settlers Online: “Storm Recovery” Walkthru

Storm Recovery is a vexatious little adventure that catches out even experienced players of Settlers Online. So much so that many players avoid it and yet it is one of the four games regularly required to be completed by the Weekly Challenges.

In truth the solution is simple, you follow the steps one by one, don’t deviate or try to take a shortcut to speed things up and you will complete it every time.

To prove this I did a live demonstration on which I also recorded and have uploaded to YouTube today.

Additionally, I’ve added timestamps to the YouTube version of the walkthrough so you can jump to any part of the adventure solution that has been giving you trouble or confusing you in the past.

Alternatively, you can just play along with my video. I’ve made that easier by including in the text below the YT video a complete breakdown of the steps needed to solve the adventure, so you no longer need to use a 3rd party solution to the adventure – my video is a one-stop-shop for Storm Recovery!

Storm Recovery