Settlers Online: Walkthrough of Hansel & Gretel Venture

Today we’ve posted our first complete Settlers Online video adventure walkthrough – of Fairytale venture Hansel & Gretel with commentary and explanations.

Hansel & Gretel is a level 11 adventure. It’s the second in the Fairytale series following the Fisherman & His Wife venture. Among the reward for completing it is the third adventure in the series, The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

You can use elite troops in the game to reduce losses. On the commentary, I do specify the troops sent in each attack so you can play along and copy the strategy onto your own island.

I don’t use any blocks as I prefer to go for maximum experience points (XP).

Hansel & Gretel

I’ve chosen to use a basic plan just utilising Older and Younger Gemini Generals, this makes it simple for you to understand and copy.

You can complete it with just 1 OGG and 2 YGGs (if they have the “1-UP” skill, or else you’ll need a minimum of 4 YGGs or Medipacks).

Troops Needed (minimum):

  • 220 Recruits [losses 220]
  • 275 Mounted Swordsman [ losses 275]
  • 1,165 Knights [ losses 975]
  • 295 Armored Marksman
  • 295 Mounted Marksman
  • 192 Besiegers.

I advise you to take at least double this amount of troops if you have 3+ OGG. Your losses won’t increase but it enables you to send more simultaneous attacks thereby shortening completion time. Completion time is very important when you have enabled the 50% XP bonus “Scout Post” buff, which runs for just 2 hours.

When you’ve despatched the troops, generals and quartermasters to the island, I suggest that while you are waiting for them to arrive you go to the adventure island and collect the 7 Glowing Herbs, return home, use them in your Provision House to create 7 White Pebble Detectors and finally return to the adventure island and use them to clear the fallen trees. All that can be completed before your generals arrive to start the adventure. It’s what I do in the video.

I normally take approx 50 mins to complete Hansel & Gretel.

The rewards for FairyTale adventures in Settlers Online are reasonable: this one netted me:

  • 2 Wilderwood resin
  • 33 adventure tales
  • 2 Big Red Trees
  • 13,500 magic beans
  • 1050 oilseed.

UPDATE: We’ve now included timestamps in the video and in the text below the video you’ll now find all the details of each attack including general and troops. It’s never been easier to finish Hansel and Gretel!