Settlers Online: Ali Baba The Young Woodcutter, Adventure Walkthrough

We’ve uploaded our second video playthrough of a Settlers Online adventure. We streamed this live on our channel and now the recording is available on Youtube.

Here’s the link to our bespoke solution to Ali Baba The Young Woodcutter.

Through the video you’ll discover the troops sent and see the plan unfold.

Here is DroodGaming’s Ali Baba The Young Woodcutter map that we use when planning our solutions to Young Woodcutter.

Having a common map ensures we use the same camp and staging area references from solution to solution.

UPDATE: We’ve made our map solution more user friendly in two ways:

  • We include timestamps for all the individual attacks, so you can jump to the exact moment in the video you want to see AND
  • We’ve included the general and troops for each attack in the text description underneath the video so that you can copy the attacks more easily and/or prep your generals ahead of time by allocating the correct troop mix to them for each attack.