Welcome to DroodGaming.com

Our site is relatively new and is our homebase for journaling about our gaming journey through simulations and strategy games online and our social media updates on Twitter and YouTube! Here is a back of the envelope road map for the site, here’s what we’ll be covering here and on both Twitch and YouTube.

  • TheSettlersOnline.com: been paying this for almost a decade
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) & mods
  • American Truck Simulator & Mods
  • FM21
  • FM22 (due for release 9th November, 2021)
  • MSFS2020
  • 180 other games on my Steam account – contact me
  • Streaming live on Twitch
  • Age of Empires IV – due soon
  • Civilization
  • Classic Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri
  • Wargaming

We have started a YouTube gaming channel and we’ve posted a video of daily gameplay of Settlers Online to give new players an insight into managing a massive level 74 island. More importantly, we’ve just started publishing walkthroughs for adventures and quests in the game. We started with Hansel & Gretel and Young Woodcutter is next.

We stream live on Twitch and post replays on our YouTube channel. If you check out YT please consider become a subscriber.